Our Partners

Each partner school involved in OVAM has contributed resources to the project. In addition to the large number of images which have been contributed to the museum there are numerous resources in other digital formats. Follow the links to see what each school has contributed and look at some of the star resources.

University of Utrecht, Netherlands

Academic representative: Claudia Wolschrijn e-Curator: Lubberta de Jong A flash programme detailing the musculoskeletal anatomy of the cat, with removable layers, enabling visualisation of both deep and superficial musculature (https://assetbank.rvc.ac.uk/asset-bank/action/viewAsset?id=8697). A quiz on the skeletal system of the dog (https://assetbank.rvc.ac.uk/asset-bank/action/viewAsset?id=8699&index=0&…) A quiz on the digestive system of the dog (https://assetbank.rvc.ac.uk/asset-bank/action/viewAsset?id=8698&index=1&…)

A brief history of George Stubbs by Clare Boulton.

For more information about the background of the project or how to get involved please visit http://en.wikivet.net/OVAM. Partnership in the project provides many benefits, including access to thousands of resources in the museum stack which are freely available for use by partners under a Creative Commons licence.