Hartpury College


Hartpury College

Academic Representatives: Kirsty Lesniak and Celia Hadwin 

Student e-Curator: Chelsie Phillips

Key Resources:

Equine Head and Dentition - A powerpoint covering the anatomy and physiology of the equine head and dentition, including the skeletal aspects, the physiology of mastication and it’s associated anatomy as well as common dental abnormalities.


Lameness in Horses - A powerpoint presentation on the basics of identifying lameness in horses. Including diagnosis and signs, with videos of different lamenesses used to illustrate what to look for. As well as a case study of a lameness work-up.




The Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM) project was funded by JISC as part of the Content Programme 2011-2013. It aims to provide access to veterinary anatomical resources in the form of a virtual museum.


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For more information about the background of the project or how to get involved please visit http://en.wikivet.net/OVAM | Privacy


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