Muscle flashcards - abdominal and axial mm (QUICKTIME)

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Title:Muscle flashcards - abdominal and axial mm (QUICKTIME)
Description:Dog muscle 'flashcards' showing origin/insertion/innervation. Best viewed in Quicktime to allow manual advance of transitions. Created in Apple Keynote. Full Keynote source file also available in OVAM for Mac users (recommended). PowerPoint version of muscle animations, and PDF version of 'flashcards' also available. All content permitted for re-use under CC BY-NC-SA licence.
Date Created01/11/2012
Copyright Owner:Murdoch University (Contact: Martin Cake)
Usage License:Creative Commons - No Commerical NoDerivs (Shared for educational use).
Categories:Species -- Dog / Body System -- Nervous system / Body System -- Musculoskeletal system / Body System -- Musculoskeletal system
File Type:Video


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