Nervous system


Additional External Resources:

  1. 3D learning materials related to the central nervous system providing an opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge on the functional morphology of the central nervous system. The resource presents the three-dimensional course of functionally and clinically relevant neuronal pathways.
  2. Canine Ocular Reflexes - A resource allowing students to test the functional integrity of canine ocular reflexes.
  3. Presentations covering various aspects of the nervous system, including organisation and anatomy, divided into three sections: An introduction to the organisation and anatomy of the nervous system, the somatic nervous system, the autonomic nervous system.
  4. short video detailing the large foraminae of the canine skull and cranial nerves associated with them.
  5. Interactive 'Drag n' Drop' exercises to test your knowledge of the nervous system.
  6. Encyclopaedic text content on WikiVet covering the nervous system.  
  7. Self-assessment Flashcards on the nervous system.
  8. PowerPoint tutorials on nerve cell histology.
  9. Nervous system anatomy and physiology WikiQuizzes.



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