Cardiovascular system


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  • ID: 7094
    This synthesized series of sounds is a series of four sounds. There is now a fourth audible sound per cycle that falls after S2. This would correspond to S3. It is not unusual to hear all four heart...
  • ID: 7127
    Dogs do not normally have a regular cardiac rhythm. The rhythm is often regularly irregular. This heart sound is recorded from a dog with a systolic heart murmur that has respiratory sinus arrhythmia...
  • ID: 9026
    Pig heart
  • ID: 4585
    Low grade systolic heart murmur
  • ID: 7106
    This sound is recorded from a dog with a heart murmur. This patient has an irregularly irregular heart rhythm caused by atrial fibrillation. It is sometimes difficult to determine in a short period...
  • ID: 7128
    In this recording there is one pause between beats that is longer than the others. The underlying rhythm however is regular. The pause contains an isolated (barely audible) S4 and this is indicative...
  • ID: 4545
  • ID: 7131
  • ID: 7108
    In this recording made from a dog the heart murmur is so loud that it drowns out the normal heart sounds. S1 and S2 cannot be clearly distinguished. In this patient the murmur was so intense that...
  • ID: 7129
    This recording is a systolic murmur, appearing between S1 and S2 heard over the pulmonic valve area in a horse with a ventricular septal defect. The murmur is caused by relative pulmonic stenosis.
  • ID: 9406
    Dissection image showing left view of heart in situ in calf fetus (plastinated specimen). Note size of Ductus arteriosus botalli as compared to pulmonary trunk.
  • ID: 9250
    labelled equine aorta histology
  • ID: 7132
  • ID: 7111
    In this recording the horse has an irregular but slow cardiac rhythm. This is characteristic of atrial fibrillation. The irregularity is more apparent in longer periods of auscultation.
  • ID: 8598
    Interactive histology images on cardiac muscle showing unstained cardiac muscle cells with visible intercalated discs.
  • ID: 7130
    This recording was made from a horse with a ventricular septal defect. The murmur is all that can be heard in the cardiac cycle. Note audible gut sounds (borborygmi) in the background.



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