Additional External Resources

  1. Equine Head and Dentition - A powerpoint covering the anatomy and physiology of the equine head and dentition, including the skeletal aspects, the physiology of mastication and it’s associated anatomy as well as common dental abnormalities.
  2. Canine Ocular Reflexes - A resource allowing students to test the functional integrity of canine ocular reflexes.
  3. short video detailing the large foraminae of the canine skull and cranial nerves associated with them.
  4. A PDF presentation of the sectioned equine head with labelled cross sectional images showing structures at even intervals along the head.
  5. PowerPoint tutorials on oral cavity, eye and ear histology.
  6. Interactive 'Drag n' Drop' exercises to test your knowledge on the head.
  • ID: 9343
    Photographs of equine skull, maxilla, mandible.
  • ID: 8806
    Dissection video illustrating the superficial structures of the head along with the muscles of mastication and a description of the structures contributing to the formation of the temporomandibular...
  • ID: 8348
    A video introducing the major structures of the brain as seen during a dissection and a brief discussion of their embryology, and function using the canine brain as an example.
  • ID: 8658
    Dissection video of the head using the equine animal as the example
  • ID: 9287
    This Powerpoint covers the anatomy of the equine head, including muscles and dentition involved in the process of mastication. It also covers common dental abnormalities.



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