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Fish eye view of veterinary museum space

Bovine Eye

Image of the bovine eye, showing the tapetum lucidum, the tapetum nigrum, and the nerve and arteries and veins supplying the retina.

Bovine Eye

The Equine Foot

Still-frame from realtime radiography of the equine foot, demonstrating the movement of joints.

Equine Foot

Anatomy of the Horse by George Stubbs

An engraving taken from one of the earliest veterinary anatomy textbooks in the world, published in 1766 in London.

Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum

The best online veterinary anatomy exhibits within one collection.

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The Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM) project was funded by JISC as part of the Content Programme 2011-2013. It aims to provide access to veterinary anatomical resources in the form of a virtual museum.


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